Ogi Karam

Georgi Karamihaylov


from Varna (Bulgaria)
living in Barna (Barcelona)
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Georgi Karamihaylov (also known as Ogi Karam) was born on 24.10 in Varna, Bulgaria. At the same day United Nation came into being.

He spend his childhood until his 18th birthday in his home town Varna. The name of the city means in sanskrit “colour”, “cast”, “beginning”

As he was 8 years old, he went with his father and mother on a sea journey, that was almost impossible at this time for most of the citizen in Bulgaria. During it, he was baptised in a seaman ritual from “Neptun” with the Sea name "Dolphin".

At age of 16 he was initiated into the energy healing method "Johrei" and practiced it. This was a good complementary to his Aikido training (2 kyu). From this year he is а vegetarian.

His martial arts training included also discipline like Box, Wing Tsun, Wrestling, acrobatic etc.

He inherit very active attitude from his father (as well as brilliant mind) and used to sport a lot: swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, riding a bicycle, hiking, chess (as an intellectual activity) etc.

During 1996 he was one of the first witnesses of the beginning of the rebirth of the Bulgarian nation. He listen to the lectures of Academic Hristo Madjarov, later he also used to attend to the lectures of his wife Galq Madjarova and get inspired by the eternal Love and Wisdom that he encountered.

Meeting a the yogi, healer and clear voyance Doctor Tenio Chaushev, he received the name Ogi, which later became Ogi Karam as an artistic expression of his work.

In school he learned Russian and English, in the high school he learned proficiently German and English.

The family situation pushed him to go abroad in Germany, where he spend almost 8 years in Munich. There he studied Spanish Philology and Media Informatics in Ludwig Maximilian University.

In 2003 he is invited at Madjar Var (madjar fort), where he translate to the lecor Akademic Madjarov, who speaks about the connections between the Hungarian and Bulgarian. Here he meets a ancestor of Arpad.

To be able to finance his study he went through many student jobs at the beginning like waiter, stevedore, cleaner, actor and even DJ.

After his internship in Discovery Channel, he worked for companies like Fujistsu Siemens, EPCOS, Siemens, Lufthansa, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich etc.

After joining of Bulgaria into the European Union, he was the first student working as freelancer in his company.

During his stay in Munich, he supported actively as volunteer and later as member of the board of the Bulgarian -Bavarian Student Union "Shipka".

He was member of the Photographic clubs in Olympiadorf, Munich and in Mediainformatics in Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.

On one of his birthdays, the author of the “Tibetan Book of living and dying”, Sogyal Rinpoche holds a lecture in a hall that is in front of the balcony of his student room. Helping the organizers to clear the room at the end of the lecture, he can listen to the lecturer about 2 hours and received an autograph and initiation from him.

At 2010 he returned into his hometown Varna, inspired to take part for a innovative change in his country.

He spend 7 years living with his beloved grandfather Georgi, who tough him a lots of important lesson about human relationships, public life and leading methods.

He rediscovered his interest in the Unknown and studied deeply as well as the common religions, as also the New Age movement.

Once in Bulgaria he started to work in a Creative Centre of Education. He held training for kids with alternative methods of education like playing communication games or task, which involve logic and creativity simultaneously.

In order to present his projects, he created a Design Studio Omm.Design

He envisioned and realised a lots of innovative product, services and processes. Just to name some:

On 20.02.2012 he held on the National Conference of the Union of the Mathematicians lecture about
“Generative Art - the Art in the Process”.

In 2012 while a lots of people awaited the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar 12.12.2012), he presented his exhibition “Human and Water”. With this he reminded how important the element water is for us humans, the properties of water, the meaning of water in many cultures and how nowadays scientist discovered that water has feelings and memory.
He dedicates the exhibition to his passed away mother.

Thanks to the publish house “Alfyola” he translated, created and published the book “I come from the Sun” from Fabio Cabbobianco. He distributed the book personally and over the electronic store, that he created.

He published also a photographic book about the Beauty and Mysteries of Rila mountain in Bulgaria.

Also the same year he held exhibition in the city gallery “Elena Karamihaylova” in Shumen, Bulgaria. The exhibition was called “Bulgaria = Bavaria” and presented photographies from Munich, capital of Bavaria and explanation from academic researchers about the connection between Bulgaria and Bavaria.

In 2013 at the Forum “Ключ” (key) in Varna, his idea won at completion "Best environmental improvement in my city”, he receives 1500 lv.

Later next year he donated the sum for the creation of the first Social Enterprise in Varna (in this modern expression) - The Social Tea House in Varna. It supports children without parents and gives them the opportunity to develop qualities that will help them in their future social life.

June 2013 he wins an award with his collage for “Living Technic” for “Collages and collage techniques” from Varna Free University.

Supporter, Active Member and schooler at NewbBiz Club, Varna - a community of local and national businessmen.

On 14.12.2013 he presented a software project of his team for public transport within the master class "Software Engineering and Management": Public Transport Varna.

On 17.01.2014 he participated in the photographic exhibition “Light of Varna”.

One of his photographs was chosen from National Geographic as "Photo of the day”.

He was at the beginning of the creation of the Varna Cooperative Market, created a logo for it. Later the idea took form as a regular market in the weekends. He made also a reportage about it.

One of the supporter and author of an alternative Online Media Open Om.

Supporter at Time Heroes - a platform for volunteering your time for a good cause.

In 2014 he organised a Month of Japanese Culture with art exhibition, Japanese language course and open air demonstration of Iado.

Since 2014 he is also official mediator with number 20140107003 from the Ministry of Justice, Bulgaria.

The practical implication of this skill he found in 2015, when he started to work as a Customer Support Agent. He had the opportunity to work for projects of companies like: Mobilcom Debitel, Amazon, Airbus, Airbnb, booking.com, Microsoft etc.

In 2014 he amazed his fellow citizen with his open air exhibition of Balanced Stones. The city government stopped him, because according to them, he didn’t had permission to build. The the policeman who told him to remove it was so amazed by the beauty, that told him not to destroy it, till he came with his girlfriend. A local newspaper took interview of the artist and defended his art. Video about the Balanced Stones

2014/2015 he participate in the Newcomers day in Varna Free University guiding new students through the requirements for studying Informatics.

At the end of 2014, he proved to his father and his grandfather that if he could even go to space by winning a Dremel competition at the national level and acquiring a small battery with a scraper of a spacecraft participating in an international competition with a great prize journey into space. When he watches a movie, he realizes that, anyway, being on the planet Earth, he is already on a spacecraft and is already in space.

He taught children Aikido at kindergarten and and held the first course for digital photography for children in kindergarten.

On 2015 he won the second prize for the architecture contest “Vision of Varna”.

On the Green Innovation Weekend 05-06.2016. presents the idea of creating modern dwellings inspired by the forests of our ancestors.
Presentation: Dome reinvented

At 2016 he participate in the Social Entrepreneur contest of NGO Tuk - Tam with the idea of creating health camps for children.

In 2017 he won in Sofia with his team in a Social Entrepreneur Contest of the United Ideas for Bulgaria - 6th edition.

Volunteer (Photography) and supporter at the first Vegan Fest 2016 in Varna, Bulgaria

On his birthday in 2016, he created NGO “Human and Water”.

On 23.09.2017 he organised in the centre of Sofia an Eye Contact as part of a worldwide event for establishing the connection between humans.

In 2017 he supported financially the co-funding campaign for the animated series “The Golden Apple” and supported the campaign by volunteering at the festival “Sofia breathes” (София диша).

In the end of 2017 he creates the YouTube channel “Vision of Shiva”. With the first transmission, he explains the meaning of the planet influence coming from Saturn and the importance for Bulgarians.

In 2017/8 he organised in Varna several plays of the communication game “DarPlay”.

At the end of 2018, he became the first citizen (of our modern history), Asgard Space Nation, whose purpose is the peaceful use of space, the protection of the Earth from space attacks, the provision of a demilitarized and free base of knowledge in space.

He is guest, speaker, listener, supporter, member and friend to a numerous other activities, unions, organisations, clubs etc.

His attitude is a Lifetime Learning - from every person, situation, problem he encounters. He also learn from digital online platform like lynda.com or participate on platforms like coursera.com, where he attend at courses from universities from all over the world.

Karamihaylov Family

Georgi Karamihaylov - Ogi Karam is from his father's side part of the lineage of the Karamihaylov Family.

They were one of Bulgarian families, who did a lot for the reestablishing the Bulgarian nation after Bulgaria took its freedom.

Here a list of some of the memorable family members:

Elena Karamihaylova - the first Impressionist woman in Bulgaria, studied painting in Munich, the City Gallery in Shumen bears her name. He draws pictures without signing them by explaining that whoever understands.
In 1946 she was awarded the Order for Civil Merit.

Elisaveta Karamihaylova - First woman in Bulgarian Academy of Science
She is a prominent atomic physicist on a world level, works with Marie Curie and other world-famous scientists, the first woman habilitated lecturer at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, one of the founders of the Department of Atomic Physics. Founder of the Radioactivity Lab at the Physical Institute of BAS and is the first woman professor of physics in Bulgaria.
She also researches in the field of cosmic rays and in the sphere of the radioactivity of the mineral springs.
She died of cancer in 1968 from the radiation she studied. It will postpone her body to research from science.

Doctor Vassil Karamihaylov - a prominent lawyer on International Maritime Law, defends Bulgarian interests in international disputes, lecturer at University of Economics Varna.

Doctor Ivan Karamihaylov - is a prominent physician (surgeon), also recognized by the royal family, the doctor of King Ferdinand and King Boris III.
During the wars, he worked almost on a voluntary basis. Because, as he later explained, before he was awarded the title "People's Doctor" in 1956, he can not take money when Bulgarian soldiers die to live after them.